Angel Food Cake Recipes

Bake up the perfect angel food cake recipe with the help of our Test Kitchen. Our pros can walk you through how to make a classic angel food cake, which pans to use and how to make it look amazing.

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Chocolate Almond Dessert

2 reviews

Who wouldn’t love this rich and decadent finale? It’s absolutely perfect for any special occasion. —Heidi Hall, North St. Paul, Minnesota

Make-Ahead Lemon Bombe

"My neighbor gave me the recipe for this refreshing dessert, but it was made with sugar and lots of whipped...

Snowballs Cake

1 review

I couldn't pry this family secret recipe from my sister-in-law, but her mother did...and I was thrilled! The old-fashioned flavor...

Pineapple Angel Dessert

1 review

Sprinkling slices of angel food cake with confectioners' sugar gives each bite a sweet and crunchy texture. Be sure to...

Chocolate-Filled Angel Food Cake

2 reviews

This decadent angel food cake has a secret tunnel of Amaretto-and-chocolate-flavored whipped cream and a luscious chocolate glaze. It's sure...

Toasted Angel Food Cake

2 reviews

"A scrumptious dessert just for one is even more satisfying if it's quick and easy like this fun treat," says...

Coffee Angel Food Cake

1 review

Here's an easy way to dress up a plain angel food cake mix. It tastes especially good after a heavy...

Pineapple-Coconut Angel Food Cake

5 reviews

I found this recipe at a local paper and adapted it to suit my family's tastes. A friend who doesn't...

Lemon Trifle

4 reviews

The rich lemony filling and fresh berries in this tempting trifle make it tasty and beautiful. —Pat Stevens, Granbury, Texas

Orange Angel Food Cake Dessert

18 reviews

With just one bite of Janet Springer's light-as-air angel food, even dieters will be on cloud nine! Cutting back on...

Apple-Spice Angel Food Cake

16 reviews

I dressed up an angel food cake mix with some nuts, spice and applesauce to make an easy and light...

Chocolate Party Cake

This no-bake refrigerated cake, featuring angel food cake and chocolate, was my grandma's recipe. It has been on our Christmas...

Chippy Macaroon Angel Cake

3 reviews

This homemade angel cake, filled with coconut and chocolate chips, is as light as a cloud. It’s so pretty with...

Lime Angel Food Cake

3 reviews

For my husband's family reunion, I took a store-bought angel food cake and turned it into this special dessert with...

Peach Melba Mountain

1 review

Over the years, I've competed in several state fair cooking contests, and this cake is one of my most impressive...

Orange-Coconut Angel Food Cake

4 reviews

Everyone who tries this luscious cake loves it, even those who aren't watching their weight. I have several cake recipes,...

Fruity Coconut Cake Roll

5 reviews

Kiwi and coconut add tropical flair to this moist, fruity and simply delicious dessert from Nancy Granaman of Burlington, Iowa....