Apple Cake Recipes

A good apple cake recipe turns out moist, dense and down-right delicious. With German and Jewish roots, we’ve tested and selected our favorite old-fashioned apple cake recipes—and included few new spins, too.

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Iced Apple Snack Cake

1 review

A quick-bread mix is the secret behind this speedy and versatile spice cake from Marilyn Terman in Columbus, Ohio. Moist and flecked with bits of apple, it’s fabulous for dessert and great with a cup of coffee or as a breakfast coffee cake, Marilyn notes.

Walnut-Apple Snack Cake

2 reviews

Hungry for harvesttime? This tasty cake puts the season's best in the spotlight. Featuring apples, walnuts, spices and toffee bits...

Caramel Apple Cake Pops

9 reviews

For a perfect fall treat, mix spice cake and apples with frosting to form cake balls. Then dip them in...

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Potluck German Apple Cake

68 reviews

My mother made this German apple cake for my brothers and me when we were kids. It's an excellent choice...

Caramel Apple Cupcakes

28 reviews

Take these extra special cupcakes to your next event and watch how quickly they disappear! With a caramel topping and...

Apple Bavarian Torte

5 reviews

A cookie-like crust holds the sensational filling of cream cheese, apples and almonds. This comforting apple torte will be welcomed...