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Looking for a go-to brittle? Here are some delicious brittles, like peanut brittle recipes and cashew brittle recipes, plus how-to videos, tips and more to make your own!

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30 Barks & Brittles for Extra-Happy Holidays

People always crack a smile when they break open a package of homemade bark or brittle. Make these chocolaty, nutty, candy-studded recipes and you'll be everyone's favorite gift-giver this Christmas.

5 Mistakes Everyone Makes When Making Candy From Scratch

Who doesn't love a batch of homemade fudge? While it does take some finessing to get right, don't let potential...

Cashew Candy Crunch

7 reviews

I started making brittle in the mid 1970s and have been using this recipe for about 30 years. One year,...

Macadamia Almond Brittle

1 review

This is a nuttier version of a basic brittle recipe. I added macadamia nuts - my favorites - and the...

Ben’s English Toffee

3 reviews

I’ve been cooking since I was very young, and I first made this toffee recipe when I was 12 years...

Spiced Almond Butter Candy

1 review

Roasted almonds and almond butter take center stage in this delectable candy, but the cinnamon, nutmeg and allspice really come...

Chocolate-Covered Almond Butter Brickle

1 review

I love a soft brittle because the texture is wonderful and different. The flavors in this one remind me of...

Grandma’s Christmas Brittle

21 reviews

Whenever my grandmother was in the kitchen, everything had to be "just so" to guarantee her time-tested results. Watching her...

Cashew Crickle Candy

2 reviews

Kathy Kittell of Lenexa, Kansas notes, "Cashews add excellent flavor to this golden holiday brickle."

Cinnamon Almond Brittle

4 reviews

It simply wouldn't be Christmas at our house without this old-time favorite twist on peanut brittle. No one believes how...

Mixed Nut Brittle

3 reviews

Peanut brittle is done one better when prepared with mixed nuts instead. This impressive candy is simply delicious. I like...

Brittle with Mixed Nuts

1 review

Nut fanciers have a lot to love about this irresistible brittle. The variety of nuts is what makes it do...

Cinnamon Walnut Brittle

11 reviews

Seasoned with cinnamon, this spicy brittle is a great gift or family snack to munch while watching Christmas movies. Best...

Pecan Brittle

10 reviews

This is a favorite of my family. I love making this candy for Christmas.—Fern Newsom, Dubach, Louisiana

Maple-Spice Cashew Brittle

Crunchy cashews dot this tasty golden brittle, and a hint of spice makes it delightfully different. —Annie Rundle, Simple &...

Coconut Cashew Brittle

6 reviews

This rich buttery brittle has always been part of our Christmas candy collection. Lots of coconut and cashews ensures it's...

Nut Brittle

3 reviews

Crunchy Peacan Brittle is a great snack when the weather gets cold, and this candy melds sweet with salty perfectly....

Mixed Nut-Cornflake Brittle

4 reviews

This five-ingredient brittle is one of the best I've made. The recipe is so easy to follow and can be...

Aloha Brittle

3 reviews

A vacation to Hawaii inspired me to create this mouthwatering brittle. Coconuts, macadamia nuts and pecans make my tropical-tasting recipe...

Spiced Almond Brittle

2 reviews

I like sending homemade goodies to family and friends. When I couldn’t decide between brittle and spiced nuts, I combined...

Angel Food Christmas Candy

15 reviews

It was my dad who inspired me to first try making this candy. He remembered it from when he was...

Cashew Brittle

20 reviews

I like this quick and easy recipe because it doesn't require a candy thermometer. It also makes a wonderful gift...

Chocolate Peanut Brittle

2 reviews

Our home economists prepare this brittle in the microwave. So it's easy enough for anyone to make!

Pistachio Brittle

2 reviews

"This crunchy nut brittle is a favorite of my family," reports Cheryl Brungardt of Wheat Ridge Colorado. "It's a snap...

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Popcorn Almond Brittle

For a crunchy snack that suits the season, try this one. I've been stirring up batches of the distinctive brittle...

Spiced Rum-Nut Brittle

8 reviews

Seasoned with cayenne pepper and cinnamon, this spicy microwave brittle packs its own heat and warms up holiday visitors. It...

Rich Pistachio Brittle

1 review

Here's a fun twist on traditional brittle. Pistachios not only add wonderful taste to the rich, buttery candy, but delicious...

Crunchy Peanut Butter Candy

Anyone who likes peanuts will love this sweet treat that's packed full of them. After breaking the pan of cooled...

Cashew Crunch

8 reviews

Folks can't stop eating buttery, brittle-like candy. Try using almonds or your favorite nut in place of the cashews as...

Sunflower Brittle

4 reviews

My mother made this candy for years using several kinds of nuts. Then I was married and my husband raised...