Sweet Potato Casserole Recipes

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Crumb-Topped Sweet Potato Bake

With lots of spice and bright orange flavor, this heartwarming sweet potato dish is perfect for fall, winter and special holiday meals. The citrus and honey make for a delightful spin on a traditional sweet potato casserole. —Billie Moss, Walnut Creek, California

Sweet Potato Praline Swirl

16 reviews

Tired of the same old marshmallows on your sweet potatoes? Set this rich, tasty side dish beside the turkey this...

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Mom’s Sweet Potato Bake

70 reviews

Mom loves sweet potatoes and fixed them often in this creamy, comforting baked sweet potato casserole. With its nutty topping,...

Buttery Sweet Potato Casserole

60 reviews

Whenever we get together as a family for major holidays, my kids, nieces and nephews literally beg me to make...

Pecan Topped Sweet Potato Apple Bake

This easy-to-make side bakes up bubbly and golden brown. It comes together in a flash with canned sweet potatoes and...

Sweet Potato & Chipotle Casserole

3 reviews

Sweet potato marshmallow casserole is old-school. My sweet potatoes with a streusel topping is a blockbuster. Everyone who tries it...

Maple Glazed Sweet Potatoes

Since I'm originally from New England, this was a regular side dish in our home. Now that I live in...

Apple-Sweet Potato Bake

1 review

Apples and sweet potatoes are perfect partners in this slightly sweet casserole from our home economists. Every bite tastes like...

Pecan-Topped Sweet Potatoes

1 review

My mother-in-law gave me this fantastic recipe, and I like it even more every time I taste it. Vanilla and...

Whipped Orange Sweet Potatoes

Bored with your usual potato recipes? Wake up taste buds with this whipped sensation. The crunchy pecan topping, brown sugar...

Makeover Southern Favorite Sweet Potatoes

4 reviews

"Thanksgiving wouldn't be the same for my family without the buttery, pecan-topped sweet potato bake they've come to love with...

Twice-as-Nice Mashed Potatoes

6 reviews

If you can't decide what kind of potatoes to serve, reach for this recipe, which blends both red and sweet...

Candied Sweet Potatoes with Pecans

1 review

This nice old-fashioned side dish is perfect for the holidays and easily down-sized for two, it's a dish that can...

Sweet Potato Delight

2 reviews

“My family wouldn’t dream of a Thanksgiving dinner without this side dish, but it’s great anytime—I serve it once a...

Duo Tater Bake

22 reviews

I made this creamy and comforting potato dish for Thanksgiving and it was a winner with my family. They said...

Golden Harvest Potato Bake

10 reviews

Pat Tomkins of Sooke, British Columbia shares the recipe for this brightly-colored casserole featuring two kinds of potatoes. “It fits...

Coconut-Bourbon Sweet Potatoes

5 reviews

What is it about sweet potatoes that unnerve some people? For those who firmly state they hate a yam because...

Cinnamon Sweet Potato Casserole

2 reviews

This is my favorite sweet potato recipe. I got it years ago and revised it to include cinnamon and cardamon.

Caramel Sweet Potato Apple Bake

"A caramel-like sauce made with apricot nectar sets this casserole apart from ordinary sweet potato dishes," writes Gail Glende of...

Louisiana Sweet Potato Casserole

1 review

This recipe is a hand-me-down from my mother. My dad used to plant a lot of sweet potatoes, so Mother...

Easy Apple Sweet Potato Bake

1 review

This side dish is a winner. Not only do I like the flavor, I love the fact that it's so...

Pecan Sweet Potato Bake with Cinnamon

1 review

This sweet and savory casserole is part of our traditional Christmas dinner. It goes great with any meaty entree.

Old-Fashioned Sweet Potato Casserole

5 reviews

My family likes the marshmallow topping, but you can also vary it if you prefer a crunchier texture.

Pecan Sweet Potato Bake

29 reviews

The luscious sweet potato pecan recipe was handed down through my husband’s family, and it’s become a tradition for me...

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Maple Sweet Potato Casserole with Apricots

4 reviews

It wouldn't be Thanksgiving without the versatile root vegetable—the sweet potato. Building on traditional recipes used by my mother and...

Pineapple Sweet Potato Casserole with Marshmallows

9 reviews

Pineapple, sugar and marshmallows lend a super sweetness to sweet potatoes. I've been making the casserole for years, both for...

Maple Sweet Potato-Apple Bake

When making this casserole, I use tart apples to offset the sweetness of the maple syrup and brown sugar. Serve...

Caramel Sweet Potatoes

3 reviews

The sauce is the star of this recipe. It really does taste like butterscotch. It is a nice side dish...

Praline Sweet Potato Bake

9 reviews

I often serve this dish for Thanksgiving. It isn't overly sweet, and it's always popular with family and friends. I...

Sweet Potato and Cranberry Bake

Instead of serving sweet potatoes alone at Christmas, I like to pair them with cranberries. Each bite offers a delicious...