Cobbler Recipes

Skip taking a plane, these easy cobbler recipes will take you on a trip to the South in your own kitchen. Here’s what your cookbook’s been missing.

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Slow-Cooker Peach Cobbler

1 review

Unlike conventional cobblers, the "topping" of this Crock-Pot peach cobbler is on the bottom. Placing the batter underneath the peaches helps it cook through evenly in the slow cooker. —Taste of Home Test Kitchen, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Slow-Cooker Cherry Pear Buckle

1 review

I added pears to my cherry cobbler recipe to create this delightful slow-cooked buckle. You could also add fresh summer...

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Mama’s Blackberry Cobbler

22 reviews

Alabama has some tasty fresh blackberries. Decades ago, my mama was heading out to pick blackberries to make a cobbler,...

Pecan Pie Cobbler

12 reviews

I couldn't find a recipe, so I took it upon myself to devise this amazing dessert that combines the ease...

Macaroon-Topped Rhubarb Cobbler

2 reviews

Crumbled macaroons are a surprising addition to this cobbler’s topping. We love that you can make the sweet treat in...

Cranberry Pear Cobblers

1 review

These individual cranberry-and-pear treats feature a hint of ginger and cinnamon. Served warm, topped with ice cream, their homestyle flavor...

Slow Cooker Berry Cobbler

30 reviews

I adapted my mom's yummy cobbler recipe for slow cooking. With the hot summers here in Arizona, we can still...

Blueberry-Peach Cobbler

1 review

This mouthwatering cobbler combines the delicious taste of low-country South Carolina blueberries with the wonderful peaches from upstate.

Peach Cobbler

58 reviews

I created this peach cobbler recipe myself with a few tips from my mom and grandma. Because it's so quick...

Buttery Blueberry Cobbler

54 reviews

As the name implies, this is a recipe that is rich and delicious. Since you can use either fresh or...

Fresh Fruit Cobbler

8 reviews

I received this recipe years ago. It's a family favorite, especially when Maine blueberries are in season. What a treat...

Old-Fashioned Peach Cobbler

2 reviews

Old-fashioned, delicious and easy-to-make describe this peach cobbler. Fresh from the oven and served with a scoop of ice cream,...

Individual Apple Cobbler

1 review

THIS RECIPE was given to me in an exchange with a homemakers group several years ago.
Apples are a...

Orange Cobbler

1 review

For a deliciously different treat try this dessert. Orange marmalade is a sweet and tangy base for this cobbler.—Margery Bryan,...

Peach Cobbler for Two

14 reviews

Everyone notices a special taste in this cobbler. It's orange peel, which enhances the color and gives this traditional dessert...

Fresh Peach Cobbler

39 reviews

I use the late summer's delicious peaches to make this classic dessert. I especially enjoy the nutmeg flavor.—Pat Kinghorn, Morrill,...

Low-Fat Cherry Cobbler

"I love to cook and especially enjoy sharing the results with family and friends," informs Mary Dudek of Alliance, Ohio....

Easy Apricot Cobbler

Even folks who watch their diets deserve to splurge on dessert. This fruity cobbler featuring apricots is simply delicious.—Mrs. Curtis...

Crispy Rhubarb Cobbler

3 reviews

I worked in a school cafeteria for 15 years. I'm retired now but still love to cook. This rhubarb cobbler...

Cran-Apple Cookie Cobbler

For a nice change of pace from traditional cobbler, give this recipe a try. Folks enjoy the sugar cookie topping,...

Quick Strawberry Cobbler

2 reviews

Thanks to canned fruits and packaged cake mix, this extra-easy recipe offers old-fashioned goodness. —Sue Poe, Hayden, Alabama

Skillet Cherry Cobbler

“Once a week, my husband and I enjoy a candlelight dinner after our two children are fed and in bed,”...

Individual Peach Cobbler

3 reviews

For a comforting old-fashioned treat, try this yummy peach cobbler suggested by field editor Doris Heath from Franklin, North Carolina....

Pound Cake Cobbler

Since I usually have all the ingredients on hand, this cobbler is as easy as pie to assemble. Often, I'll...

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Country Apple Cobbler

1 review

Field editor Mavis Diment of Marcus, Iowa writes, "This is my Aunt Goldie's recipe. She is without a doubt one...

Warm Blackberry Cobbler

1 review

Margaret Haugh Heilman of Houston, Texas sent the recipe for this down-home dessert that's bursting with berry flavor. Fat-free yogurt...

Honey Peach Cobbler

"We love peach cobbler, but don't like leftovers because they get soggy," writes Diane Hixon from Niceville, Florida. "This old-fashioned...

Biscuit Blueberry Cobbler

5 reviews

“All nine varieties of blueberries we grow taste yummy in this easy cobbler,” says Diane Cain, a fruit farmer from...

Cherry Peach Cobbler

2 reviews

There’s no pitting cherries and peeling peaches when you’re throwing together this quick cobbler. It uses convenient canned fruit and...

Easy Cherry Cobbler

13 reviews

A warm and welcome ending to any meal, this easy cobbler sent in by Sherry Craw of Mattoon, Illinois tastes...