Lemon Sauce Recipes

Add a citrus and tangy bite to your favorite desserts with our lemon sauce and lemon curd recipes. Pro tip: they’re incredible with cheesecake and gingerbread!

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Lemon Rhubarb Tube Cake

2 reviews

For a taste of summer, try this dessert. The cake's fresh lemon flavor and tart rhubarb topping are so refreshing. —Courtney Stultz, Weir, Kansas

Luscious Lemon Fruit Dip

9 reviews

This creamy fruit dip was served at my bridal shower and it was such a hit that now I serve...

Lemon Curd

2 reviews

I make this for traditional English tea. My guests are so impressed and are amazed how delicious it is!—Gloria Costes,...

Zesty Lemon Curd

7 reviews

There are lemon trees in our backyard, so I'm always on the prowl for new ways to use the fruit....

Lemon Butter Spread

5 reviews

My grandmother, who was a great cook, brought this recipe with her from England. I use it as a spread...

Tangy Citrus Dressing

The citrus flavor of this dressing will add extra zip to sliced fruit.—Kay Snead, Friona, Texas

Quick Lemon Curd

1 review

This special spread is absolutely delightful. It's rich and smooth with a fresh lemon flavor. Sometimes I thicken it a...

Lemon Dessert Sauce

While this sauce makes a wonderful topping for angel food cake, it's also great as a glazed for roasted chicken...

Apple Cakes with Lemon Sauce

5 reviews

"Perfect for dessert or brunch, these rich apple mini cakes are irresistible, served with a steaming cup of coffe. I...

Peaches with Lemon Cream

“This is a great treat from the grill," writes Carole R Fraser of North York, Ontario. "It’s easy to prepare...

Lemon Sparkle Cupcakes

7 reviews

Bursting with lemony zing, these cupcakes don't require frosting. In fact, my family prefers the crunchy sugar-and-spice topping. A dear...

Meringue Shells with Lemon Curd

3 reviews

We love a dazzling dessert of meringue shells filled with sunny lemon curd. It’s sweet and tart, crunchy and fluffy....

Lemon Mint Curd

I like to "dress up" ordinary recipes with my fresh, homegrown herbs. This minty lemon curd is a family favorite!...

Marinated Oranges

1 review

This flavorful fruit was actually the topping in a cake recipe. But I didn't want all the calories or fat...

Quicker Lemon Angel Food Supreme

3 reviews

Boxed angel food cake speeds prep time but retains the cake's home-baked taste. And the no-cook version of sauce uses...