Hot Dog Recipes

Our quick, easy hot dog recipes are quite frankly the best. We’re serving ’em grilled, bunless, in casserole, too. Here, you’ll even find creative ways to love the leftovers.

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    Hot Dog Spaghetti Rings

    1 review

    Get the kids in the kitchen and let them whip up a homemade version of a canned favorite. “This tastes...

    Indiana-Style Corn Dogs

    8 reviews

    One of the best parts of the many fairs and festivals in Indiana is the corn dogs! My family loves...

    Mummies on a Stick

    10 reviews

    These little hot dogs are all "wrapped up" in Halloween fun. Kids really enjoy them! —Taste of Home Test Kitchen

    Corn Dog Casserole

    62 reviews

    Reminiscent of traditional corn dogs, this fun main dish really hits the spot on fall days. It's perfect for the...

    Chili Cheese Dog Casserole

    72 reviews

    Kids and dads alike will dive right into this hearty, comforting dish. With a crispy cheese topping on a warm...

    Chili Dog Pizza

    6 reviews

    My girls love it when I make this mash-up pizza with hot dogs and chili. It’s a marvelous way to...

    Pigs in a Poncho

    3 reviews

    For pigs in a blanket Mexican style, we add refried beans and green chilies. Spice it up even more with...

    Hot Dogs ‘n’ Rice

    2 reviews

    When my husband was a child, his mother made this economical entree during the lean times. It never failed to...

    Sausage Breadsticks

    2 reviews

    Bring out the kid in everyone by preparing pigs-in-a-blanket with sausage links and refrigerated breadsticks. This old-fashioned finger food is...

    Rhode Island Hot Wieners

    2 reviews

    Many Rhode Islanders spell wiener with an “ei” and serve theirs “all the way” with meat sauce, mustard, onion and...

    Sweet-Sour Franks

    "When I married my husband more than 30 years ago, I asked my mother-in-law for some of his favorite dishes,"...

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    Pigs in a Blanket

    8 reviews

    These baked hot dog sandwiches appeal to kids of all ages. Even my husband, Allan, admits to enjoying every bite!...

    Hot Dog Roll-Ups

    5 reviews

    Not only do my grandchildren love these cheese-and-bacon filled hot dogs, but they enjoy helping put the meal together, too....

    Hot Dog Pie

    13 reviews

    A co-worker who loves hot dogs shared this recipe with me. Baked in a purchased pastry shell, the pie is...

    Hot Dogs ‘n’ Beans

    1 review

    You'll please kids of all ages with this tasty combination that's good for casual get-togethers. "I frequently fix this when...