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Blackberry Daiquiri Sherbet

The summer I decided to try making sherbet, which is one of my favorites, blackberries were in season in my mom's garden. I love the flavor of daiquiris, and the two blend together beautifully! —Shelly L. Bevington, Hermiston, Oregon

15 Refreshing Sherbet and Sorbet Recipes

Ice cream is wonderful, but don't overlook its lighter cousins, sherbet and sorbet! These fruitier concoctions can definitely satisfy your...

1-2-3 Blackberry Sherbet

15 reviews

My mom gave me this recipe, which was a favorite when I was young. Now when I make it, my...

Watermelon Cranberry Sherbet

5 reviews

Nothing beats a juicy watermelon in warm summer weather-unless it's this frosty sherbet. A dash of cranberry juice adds a...

Cantaloupe Sherbet

2 reviews

I depend on this recipe often in summer. You can find me in the kitchen early in the day preparing...

Rainbow Sherbet Cake Roll

1 review

This light and easy cake roll can be prepared year-round, but it's especially nice in the heat of summer. I...

Super Strawberry Sherbet

1 review

This cool, smooth summertime treat is nice to have ready in the freezer for a special treat.

Sherbet Dessert

2 reviews

"This refreshing summer dessert was served at a baby shower I attended," writes Shirley Colvin of Tremonton, Utah. "It was...

Kool-Aid Sherbet

4 reviews

"The recipe for this frosty treat is more than 30 years old, and kids love it," reports Elizabeth Stanton of...

Refreshing Lime Sherbet

2 reviews

One spoonful of the cool, fresh-tasting and delicious treat and you'll never eat store-bought lime sherbet again! It's terrific following...

Sherbet Rainbow

1 review

Seeing a beautiful rainbow after a storm is always a thrill, and my brother was delighted with his colorful sherbet...

Jeweled Sherbet Mold

Besides being a colorful addition to any holiday buffet, this dessert keeps well and is deliciously different.

Two-Tone Sherbet Torte

Kina Fink from Crown Point, Indiana writes, "I first prepared this beautiful dessert for a Fourth of July Party. Ever...

Grape Sherbet

3 reviews

My husband, two daughters and I first enjoyed this refreshing treat at our friends' house. They graciously shared the recipe...

Creamy Citrus Sherbet

1 review

This recipe was handwritten in a booklet that came with my family's first refrigerator in the early 1940s. I was...

Fruity Sherbet Dessert

2 reviews

"Simple and refreshing, this dressed-up sherbet is a real treat in the heat of summer," assures Rhonda Robertson of Casper,...

Triple Sherbet Dessert

"For a special, refreshing and lovely treat, try this sherbet dessert," suggests Mrs. Howard Hinseth of Minneapolis, Minnesota. "Our children...

Citrus Sherbet Torte

2 reviews

"When my mother-in-law first served this torte, I thought it was the prettiest dessert I ever saw," recalls Betty Tabb...

Homemade Lime Sherbet

2 reviews

My luncheon guests are always impressed when I serve this smooth, refreshing dessert garnished with candied edible flowers. The sherbet's...

Lemon Sherbet

1 review

Lemon juice provides the snappy flavor in this wonderful ice cream recipe from our Test Kitchen. The light, make-ahead treat...

Sherbet Watermelon

1 review

I usually double this recipe so I can have one dessert on hand for family and friends who stop by...

Sherbet Surprise

2 reviews

From Mankato, Kansas, Barbara Thomas shares this frozen dessert that's an attractive change of pace from ice cream cakes. Scoops...

Fruity Sherbet

1 review

Icy chunks of fruit add color and interest to this pretty pink alternative to ice cream. "My family and I...

Blueberry Sherbet

1 review

"I like to garnish this refreshing dessert with whipped cream," recommends Judith Rush of Newport, Rhode Island. "It can also...

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Sunny Sherbet Cups

The sky's the limit with this delicious dessert! Substitute raspberry, pineapple or orange sherbet or replace the mandarin oranges with...

Swirled Sherbet Dessert

38 reviews

“Lemon and orange sherbet are swirled over a coconut-and-pecan crust in this lovely, refreshing dessert,” says Agnes Ward of Stratford,...

Grandma’s Orange Milk Sherbet

My dear grandma made this sherbet for my birthday party in the 1930's. She squeezed whole oranges to get the...

Cranberry Sherbet

7 reviews

Meet the Cook: When mealtime rolls around, my husband and our two teenagers are never sure what's in store -...

Pineapple Buttermilk Sherbet

16 reviews

This icy sweet sherbet from Dolores Kastello of Waukesha, Wisconsin stirs up easily for freezing in a jiffy.

Watermelon Sherbet

1 review

My family has been harvesting watermelons for generations. Our church group often serves this refreshing treat at the town's watermelon...