Tortellini Recipes

The cheesy mini dumplings in these tortellini recipes make for cozy tortellini soup recipes, salads, sides and main dishes for sharing.

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Mediterranean Tortellini Salad

One of my childhood friends moved to Italy 20 years ago. During a recent visit to see her, I enjoyed a scrumptious salad made with tortellini and fresh vegetables. I fell in love with the dish and have been trying to recreate ever since. How'd I do? —Kelly Mapes, Fort Collins, Colorado

Tortellini with Roasted Red Pepper Dip

Looking to add a dash of Christmas color to your appetizer mix? This unique, warm and savory treat sent in...

Party Tortellini Salad

“This easy salad with its crowd-pleasing flavors makes a wonderful addition to cookouts and picnics,” writes Mary Wilt of Ipswich,...

Simple Roasted Pepper Tortellini

Fast impromptu refregerated pasta can turn anytime into pasta time. —Taste of Home Test Kitchen

Roasted Pepper Tortellini

Refrigerated tortellini cooks quickly, but you can also use dried tortellini.

Pesto Pepper Tortellini

"This is a shortcut version of a rich, creamy pasta dish I enjoyed on a vacation trip," shares Mickie Taft...