Pudding Recipes

A spoonful of one of these pudding recipes is a silky delight.

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Fruity Tapioca

Folks who like tapioca will enjoy this fruity variation from Louise Martin of Denver, Pennsylvania. Convenient canned peaches and mandarin oranges give refreshing flavor to this economical dessert, which costs 36 cents per serving.

Peach Pudding

"This light peach dessert is so fresh it tastes just like summertime," says Shelby Nicodemus of New Carlisle, Ohio. "It's...

Peach Pudding Dessert

“We usually have a bountiful crop of luscious fresh peaches every summer,” says Connie Sanborn of Lawrence, Michigan. “My family...

Creamy Peach Pudding

Instant pudding hurries along preparation of this fruity pudding from Tori Krick of Tilden, Nebraska. "It's a great dish to...

Meringue-Topped Peach Bread Pudding

My English mother loved to make bread pudding, and when we were living in South Africa many years ago, I...

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Watch Us Make: Tennessee Peach Pudding

Watch our quick video to learn how to make Tennessee Peach Pudding.