Sloppy Joe Recipes

They’re messy, they’re saucy, and these homemade sloppy Joe recipes are the most fun you can have with comfort food.

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Pressure-Cooker Beef and Veggie Sloppy Joes

Because I’m always looking for ways to serve my family healthy and delicious food, I started experimenting with my go-to veggies and ground beef. I came up with this favorite that my kids actually request! —Megan Niebuhr, Yakima WA

Pressure-Cooker Italian Pulled Pork Sandwiches

Enjoy all the flavors of Italian sausage sandwiches with this healthier alternative. —Lia Dellario, Middleport, New York

Spicy Barbecued Beef Sandwiches

I work full-time outside of the home, so I look for economical meals like this that can be served for...

Pulled BBQ Pork

14 reviews

During years of vacationing on the North Carolina coast, I became hooked on their pork barbecue. The version I developed...

Shredded Barbecued Turkey Breast Sandwiches

4 reviews

Try these sweet, tangy turkey sandwiches for a fun change from sloppy joes. You could also make them with pork...

Barbecued Turkey Sandwiches

6 reviews

I have an excellent source for turkey recipes, since many of our neighbors are poultry farmers! These satisfying sandwiches, with...

Easy Chicken Barbecue

4 reviews

"I have my family over for Sunday dinner once a month, so I'm always looking for new and different recipes...

Shredded Turkey Sandwiches

From Mount Joy, Pennsylvania, Kathy Nissley suggests, “This is a great recipe for extra chicken or turkey after holiday dinners.”

Sloppy Toms

1 review

These hearty sandwiches are called "Toms" rather than "Joes" because they're made with leftover turkey. I've always loved to cook....

Turkey BBQ

3 reviews

I originally got this recipe from my daughter-in-law, who likes to cook healthy meals. I just added my Texas touch...

Shredded Barbecued Pork Sandwiches

1 review

A sweet yet tangy barbecue sauce flavors the juicy, shredded pork in these savory sandwiches from Mary Goff of Rowlesburg,...

Tangy Roast Beef Sandwiches

1 review

From Juneau, Wisconsin, Amy Krause writes, “Everyone enjoys these sandwiches. The filling can be assembled early in the day to...

Picadillo Sliders

2 reviews

When I’m pressed for time, these beefy sandwiches are my go-to. Any leftover picadillo makes for great nachos or queso...

Saucy Turkey

From Rayville, Louisiana, Mrs. Johnnye Masters shares a speedy stovetop dish using cooked turkey. "The spicy sauce is so quick...

Pork Barbecue Sandwiches

1 review

We were happy when there was pork roast on the menu because we were sure that, within the next few...

Shredded Barbecued Turkey Sandwiches

2 reviews

These moist shredded turkey sandwiches from Barbara Smith of Columbus, Ohio are a welcome break from beef barbecue or sloppy...

Betty’s Barbecue

1 review

For a fun sandwich filling that's perfect for a picnic or potluck, try these sweetly spicy barbecue sandwiches. My 90-year-old...

Saucy Barbecued Pork Sandwiches

3 reviews

These saucy sandwiches are great for a hungry crowd and easy to prepare. Once the meat is cooked, transfer to...

Barbecue Sandwiches

1 review

These are the best barbecued meat sandwiches ever—the combination of beef, pork and spices can't be beat. The recipe makes...

Pressure Cooker Beer-Braised Pulled Ham

1 review

To jazz up leftover ham, I cooked it with a beer sauce. Buns loaded with ham, pickles and mustard are...

Hot Turkey Sandwiches

2 reviews

If you're looking for a deliciously different entree, try Hot Turkey Sandwiches suggested by Janice Bilek of Holland, Michigan. Her...

Pork and Corn Barbecue

Traditional barbecued pork sandwiches are livened up with cumin and corn. Alongside a green salad and chips, this is a...

Chili Sandwiches

No one will be able to resist these special sandwiches stuffed with spicy chili. Of course, the chili also makes...

Slow-Cooked Barbecued Pork Sandwiches

1 review

These saucy sandwiches are great for a hungry crowd and easy to prepare. Once the meat is cooked, just keep...

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Moo Shu Sloppy Joes

7 reviews

Asian-style sloppy joes made with hoisin sauce, barbecue sauce and coleslaw mix are a nice change from the ordinary! —Mike...