Grape Recipes

Grapes are so easy to snack on you might forget that they’re fun to cook with, too. Try our favorite sweet and savory grape recipes.

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California Chicken Salad

All the fruit in this salad gives it a natural sweetness. I use whole wheat pasta for added fiber. Since I purchase cooked chicken breast at the store, I only have to cook the pasta for a healthy, delectable dinner. With minimal cooking this is great for the summer. —Regina Reynolds, Struthers, Ohio

Chicken Veronique

"I found this recipe in a gardening book. My family just loves it, and it’s super easy! We think it’s...

Tarragon Chicken with Grapes and Linguine

Grapes are definitely a different addition to an entree, but they have great flavor, especially when paired with a savory...

Dijon Chicken with Grapes

This deliciously different entree features sweet grapes in a creamy Dijon sauce served atop golden chicken breast halves. The quick-to-fix...