Kiwi Recipes

You’ll taste the tropics in these recipes with kiwi fruit, from sweet desserts to savory snacks.

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Kiwi Fruit Salad

This simple combo of fruits and ginger ale creates a colorful and refreshing winter salad kids, big and small, will go nuts over. It comes to us from Linda Muir of Big Lake, Minnesota.

Kiwi Tiki Torches

The kiwi, pineapple and strawberries all taste wonderful with the melted chocolate. It's an easy dessert or appetizer that really...

Easy Festive Fruit Salad

4 reviews

As colorful as the leaves on the autumn trees, this fruit salad disappears fast down to the last spoonful. The...

Kiwi Dressing for Fruit

Looking for a way to make fresh fruit salad as special as Christmas morning itself? Give it a whirl with...

Creamy Coconut Rice Pudding Parfaits

1 review

When my daughter’s friends come over for lunch, she treats them to her tropical parfaits made with brown rice and...

Tequila-Lime Fruit Salad

13 reviews

Looking for a fast, colorful side to round out any meal? This refreshing fruit salad is pure perfection! —Angela Howland,...

Fruit Salad Salsa

3 reviews

Fruit salsa is a nice change of pace from traditional tomato-based salsa. Kids love the sweet fruit and graham crackers.

Quick Anise Fruit Bowl

This refreshing medley has become a family favorite for breakfast and brunch. You could even serve the fruit with a...

Fruit Salad with Vanilla

6 reviews

Peach pie filling is the secret ingredient in this crowd-pleasing salad. Make it throughout the year using whatever fruits are...