Vegetables Recipes

Eat your greens—and your reds, oranges and purples, too. Recipes with vegetables are crucial for a healthy meal plan. Mix and match these easy, fresh veggie recipes for dinner tonight.

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    How to Make a Colorful Crudités Platter

    Turn veggies and dip into a striking crudités platter with our step-by-step guide.

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    12 Best Vegetables to Grow in Your Indoor Vegetable Garden

    Spinach, green beans, scallions and more! Here are the best vegetables to grow in your indoor vegetable garden.

    I Made TikTok’s 15-Hour Potatoes, and They’re Everything I Dreamed They Wou...

    Here's the step-by-step on how to make the viral 15-hour potatoes from TikTok with just a few simple ingredients and...

    Slow-Cooker Guinness Beef Stew

    Make this traditional Irish stew in your slow cooker! Cooking low and slow creates very tender beef and a robust...

    Honey Chipotle Vinaigrette

    We’ve all been there. It’s 7 p.m. and you’re at home with a sudden craving for Chipotle. You don’t feel...

    Raspberry Chipotle Chicken Pinwheels

    I love the flavor profile of raspberry and chipotle together, so I came up with these delicious puff pastry appetizers...

    What Is Fermented Garlic Honey and Can It Help During Flu Season?

    Fermented garlic honey is a health remedy that happens to be delicious. Learn how to use it and store it...

    8 Ingredients You Should Have on Hand to Recession-Proof Your Pantry

    Superstar pantry ingredients like beans, tinned fish and dried pasta save money without sacrificing flavor.

    Do You Have to Peel Celery?

    You can peel celery to avoid the tough strings—but you don't have to. It's up to your personal preference.

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    Risotto with Lemon and Spring Vegetables

    This dish has the fresh flavors of spring and looks so colorful. It can be made into a vegetarian meal...

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    Air-Fryer Butternut Squash

    A tart orange glaze gives this air-fryer butternut squash a unique and surprising flavor. Low in fat and sodium, the...

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    Air-Fryer Bacon-Wrapped Tater Tots

    These bacon-wrapped goodies are always a hit with my friends and family. They’ll go fast, so you may want to...

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    Air-Fryer Olive Burgers

    My mom would reminisce about the olive burgers she would get at Coney Island when she was a girl. After...

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    Air-Fryer Ham and Leek Pies

    After I cook a big ham, I'm always finding new ways to use up the leftovers. I love these little...

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    Air-Fryer Onion Crescent Rolls

    French fried onions aren't just for green bean casserole. Sprinkle them onto crescent roll dough before rolling up and you'll...

    Air-Fryer Vegan Butter Cauliflower

    I usually have to double this recipe—so full of poppy and sunflower seed flavor—because it goes so fast in my...

    What’s the Difference Between Iceberg Lettuce and Romaine?

    Is there a clear winner in the iceberg vs romaine debate?

    What Is an English Cucumber?

    An English cucumber is the delicate and refined cousin of the hardy American slicing cucumber. Learn what makes it unique—and...

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    10 Healthy Spaghetti Squash Recipes

    From casseroles to meatball meals, these healthy spaghetti squash recipes are perfect for fall.

    32 Healthy Potato Recipes

    For comfort food that's delicious and nutritious, turn to these healthy potato recipes.

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    37 Healthy Butternut Squash Recipes

    There are more healthy butternut squash recipes than what meets the eye. Find unique takes like burrito bowls and classics...

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    Pumpkin Cheesecake Milk Shakes

    These quick pumpkin cheesecake milk shakes are the perfect treat on a fall afternoon. —Susan Hein, Burlington, Wisconsin

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    Mini Sweet Potato Scones with Rosemary & Bacon

    Everyone who tries these scones thinks they're delicious! To save a little time in the morning, combine the dry ingredients...

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    Air-Fryer Chicken Pesto Stuffed Peppers

    On busy weeknights, I don’t want to spend more than 30 minutes preparing dinner, nor do I want to wash...

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    Grandma’s Classic Potato Salad

    When I asked my grandmother how old this classic potato salad recipe was, she told me that her mom used...

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    Potato Latke Funnel Cakes

    This savory funnel cake incorporates mashed potatoes and ranch seasoning into the dough. It's delicious. Just try it and you’ll...

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    Apple Guacamole with White Onion

    There’s nothing wrong with keeping your guac on the simple side. Topping your bowl with chunks of fresh apple and...

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    Blue Cheese Guacamole with Toasted Almonds

    Blue cheese is a surefire way to add flavor to any dish. And toasted almonds are the perfect way to...