Meal Prep Ideas & Recipes

From big-batch recipes to genius tips you can take to the grocery store, these meal planning tips will get you through weeknight dinners and beyond.

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How to Meal Prep Breakfast Sandwiches for the Week Ahead

Some days you need a good hot breakfast, even in a hurry. These meal-prepped Egg McMuffin copycats make you the undisputed hero of the house.

I Did Big-Batch Meal Prep and Here’s What You Need to Know

I've been hearing a ton about how to meal prep lately, but is all the hard work and planning worth...

6 Mistakes Every Sheet Pan Supper Newbie Makes

Avoid these mistakes and you'll be ready to whip up some easy, healthy sheet pan dinners in no time!

How to Freeze Your Leftover Spaghetti (and Other Cooked Pasta)

Here's a question: Can you freeze spaghetti noodles?

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Yes, You Can Freeze Deli Meat. Here’s How.

Overstocked on cold cuts and wondering "can you freeze lunch meat"? Turns out, yes, you can stash them in the...