Taste Tests

Looking for the best ingredients and snacks the store has to offer? Taste of Home editors are unwrapping and testing them all. Find out our favorites. They might just be your new go-to!

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Banza: the Good-for-You Frozen Pizza We’re Obsessed with Right Now

Move over, cauliflower—there's a brand-new healthy pizza crust in town!

We Used Domino Golden Sugar in a Sugar Cookie Taste Test. Here’s What Happened.

Is there a difference in the cookies' appearance and taste? We did a blind tasting to find out.

Aldi Debuts New Coconut Products. Find Out Which We’re Buying.

We love Aldi for its great deals and amazing products. The latest in the store's lineup: a new, limited edition...

We Tried Chobani’s New Strawberry Rhubarb Yogurt

When it comes to summer treats, we love all things strawberry rhubarb (tarts, pies, bars, you name it!). But what...

We Taste Tested The Three New Crunchy M&M Flavors. Here’s What We Thought.

Three crunchy flavors, but only one will win 18 more months on the shelf. We decided to taste-test them ourselves....

We Tried Mrs. Thinster’s Cookie Thins. Here’s What You Should Know.

A self-described “cookie nut” noshed out on these crunchy new snacks. His findings might surprise you!

We Drank Shark Tank-Famous Sap! Here’s What We Thought

Move over sparkling water—we're trying 100% natural Sap! This new take on seltzer was featured on Shark Tank, and now...