Taste Tests

Looking for the best ingredients and snacks the store has to offer? Taste of Home editors are unwrapping and testing them all. Find out our favorites. They might just be your new go-to!

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We Tried 17 Brands to Find the Best Healthy Granola Bar

Snagging a healthy granola bar to keep you fueled up? Check out what our Test Kitchen's favorite brands are before you shop.

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Our Test Kitchen Put 10 Salsas to the Test. See Our Best Loved Brand.

Our Test Kitchen conducted a blind taste test to find the best store-bought salsa. Find out which you should bring...

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We Tested 10 Brands. Dip into Our Test Kitchen’s Favorite Hummus!

It's one of our favorite dips for snacking, but do you really know what the best hummus is? Our Test...

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Our Test Kitchen Tried 10 Potato Chip Brands. Our #1 Pick Will Surprise You!

Our Test Kitchen went on a search for the absolute best potato chips. Find out which brand had us reaching...