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Looking for the best ingredients and snacks the store has to offer? Taste of Home editors are unwrapping and testing them all. Find out our favorites. They might just be your new go-to!

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    We Taste Tested the Three New Peanut M&M Flavors. Here’s What We Thought.

    M&M's is going "around the world" with its flavors!

    What’s the Best Gluten-Free Pasta You Can Buy? We Found Out.

    Finding gluten-free alternatives to your favorite foods can be difficult. That's why we put seven brands head-to-head to determine the...

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    We Found the Best Hot Sauce in Our Test Kitchen’s Hottest Test Ever

    Our Test Kitchen is heating up! We tried 17 brands of hot sauce. Find out which claimed the title of...

    We Tasted 7 Name-Brand Cereals Against Their Generic Version. Here’s What We Found.

    Like Grandma said, breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so make sure that bowl of cereal is...

    We Tried 6 Fast-Food Hot Chocolates. Here’s the Winner.

    If you thought Starbucks was king of seasonal drinks, you might want to think again! Find out what chain has...

    We Tried 10 Brands and Found the Best Chicken Broth for Your Soups

    Making soups and stews this winter? You're going to want the best chicken broth. We tested ten brands to find...

    We Tried Ina Garten’s Famous Chocolate Cake

    This cake blew our expectations out of the water. Here's how to make it.

    We Tried 5 Brands of Baking Chocolate. Here’s What You Need to Know.

    I thought I knew what the best baking chocolate was. Boy was I wrong.

    Is Reese’s the Best Peanut Butter Cup? We Tried 5 Brands to Find Out.

    As candy fanatics, we had to find out if Reese's was really king. Find out which peanut butter cup stole...

    We Cozied Up with the Best Hot Chocolate. Is It Your Favorite Brand?

    What's the best hot chocolate for a cozy night in with your favorite movie? We tested 11 brands to find...

    Where Can You Get the Best Fast-Food Cheeseburger? We Tried 8 to Find Out.

    Before you hit the drive-thru, find out which fast-food cheeseburger really is best. Our top picks might surprise you!

    We Taste Tested 11 Brands of Sparkling Water—Here Are the Best

    Sparkling waters are all the rage, but is top dog LaCroix really the best? We tested 11 brands to find...

    I Tried Mushroom Coffee. Here’s What I Thought.

    Magic might not exist—but apparently mushroom coffee comes pretty close!

    Our Definitive Ranking of Nondairy Milks

    Going dairy-free but can't find that just-right milk alternative? We've got you covered. Our team tested eight of the most...

    We Tried 10 Kinds of British Candy (and There Was One We Absolutely Adored)

    We tried 10 kinds of British candy—everything from aerated chocolate to something called Squashies.

    We Tried Every PSL We Could Find. Which Is Best?

    It's fall—AKA PSL season. We tried as many pumpkin spice lattes as we could get our hands on. Find out...

    8 Old-Fashioned Candies That Definitely Deserve a Comeback

    Read along as I unwrap a few sticky truths (and incredibly sweet factoids!) about some of the country's most-beloved vintage...

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    The Best Bacon Ever? Our Test Kitchen Found It.

    Our Test Kitchen blindly tasted eight different brands to find the best bacon. Find out which you should fry up...

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    Looking for the Best Meatballs? Our Test Kitchen Found the Brand You Need to Try.

    For this blind taste test, we searched high and low for the best meatballs you can find in the frozen...

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    Our Test Kitchen Found Our Best-Loved Cake Mix—Is It Your Fave, Too?

    Everyone should keep a cake mix on hand for last-minute desserts. Find out what yellow cake mix our Test Kitchen...

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    Our Test Kitchen Named Its Best Pancake Mix. Is It Your Go-To?

    Looking for the best pancake mix? Our Test Kitchen put 10 brands to the test to find the one you...

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    I Tried Vinegar Pie! Here’s What I Thought.

    This unlikely sweet treat uses only the staple ingredients in your pantry. Here's why.

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    We Tried 5 Popular Brands to Find The Best Boxed Wine

    Find out which boxed wine brands won our hearts.

    We Tried Pumpkin Spice Cheerios! Here’s What You Need to Know.

    Cheerios' limited-edition pumpkin spice flavor is back on the shelves. Curious to know how it tastes? Read our review.

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    Our Test Kitchen Found the Best Frozen French Fries. See Our Favorite Brand.

    In a test for the best french fries, our expert panel found three brands that you'll want to fill your...

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    Our Test Kitchen Found the Best Yogurt You Can Buy. Is It Your Favorite Brand?

    Whether you eat it on the go, use it in tzatziki or a picture-perfect parfait, having the best yogurt is...

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    We Tried 11 Strawberry Jams to Find Our Test Kitchen’s Best Loved Brand

    Want the best brands for your pantry? The Taste of Home Test Kitchen's team of experts put them to the...