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Our Test Kitchen is full of culinary experts who have picked up plenty of handy tricks and techniques over the years. Check out our favorite cooking tips that’ll make cooking and baking at home easier than ever.

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What Is Cooking Wine?

Cooking wine has a bad reputation, but is it deserved? Skipping it in a recipe might mean losing a valuable flavor component.

What Is Sun Tea?

For many people, learning how to make sun tea was an essential part of growing up—but is this nostalgic method...

Your Ultimate Guide to Different Types of Coffee

We cover all the different types of coffee from lattes to red eyes. All of your burning coffee questions are...

10 Surprising Add-Ins to Step Up Your Smoothie Game

Your smoothie ingredients don't have to be the same old list of produce items each week. Read on to find...

12 Easy Cocktail Garnish Ideas That Will Make You a Better Home Bartender

You can be a pro bartender at home, no problem. Just use our cocktail garnish ideas to serve up sharp-looking...

11 Things You Haven’t Thought to Add to Your Apple Cider

Looking for a new way to enjoy apple cider? You just found a bunch of them! We've got fun add-ons...

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This Simple Trick Makes Any Wine Taste Better

The scientific reason I always pour off a glass, re-cork the bottle and shake it up!

11 Ways to Step Up Grandma’s Sweet Tea

Add a dash of this or a splash of that for a refreshing burst of flavor. Grandma would approve!