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Our Test Kitchen is full of culinary experts who have picked up plenty of handy tricks and techniques over the years. Check out our favorite cooking tips that’ll make cooking and baking at home easier than ever.

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3 Easy Substitutions for Canned Pumpkin

Can't find canned pumpkin? Don't worry! You can still make your favorite fall treats with these substitutions.

What Can You Do with Leftover Pumpkin Puree?

Don't let leftover pumpkin puree go to waste! We'll show you how to use up that extra pumpkin at the...

Your Guide to Freezing Zucchini

To stretch this classic summer vegetable beyond harvest season, we'll explain everything you need to know about freezing zucchini.

How to Store Corn on the Cob

Here's the right way to keep your corn so it'll stay fresh and delicious.

How to Reheat Fries (and Other Leftovers) in Your Air Fryer

Your leftovers deserve an encore! Here's the right way to reheat fries in an air fryer.

How to Peel Tomatoes in 3 Easy Ways

Our Test Kitchen expert reveals her tips for how to peel tomatoes every which way.

This Simple Trick Keeps Potatoes from Turning Brown

Keep your potatoes pearly white and looking tasty with this simple hack.

4 Sweet Corn Hacks You Need to Try Now

We all love sweet corn, but it can be tricky to prep, clean or freeze. Here's how to get the...

Everything You Need to Know About Sweet Potatoes

There is so much more to sweet potatoes than the bright orange Thanksgiving dish. For starters, this tuber can be...

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What’s the Best Substitute for Tomato Paste?

For some reason, tomato paste is one of those ingredients that's hard to keep stocked. Learn about what you can...

What Is White Asparagus and Why Is It White?

Get to know white asparagus—and discover the secret to its pale color.

4 Mistakes We All Make When Cooking Mushrooms

Love mushrooms but can't quite cook them to perfection? Learn what mistakes to avoid when cooking mushrooms to get the...

Here’s Why Your Oven-Roasted Vegetables Aren’t Working

Oven-roasted [insert your favorite vegetables here] are easy, healthy and oh-so-good! But if your vegetables have burnt edges (or turn...

The Serious Reason You Should Never Store Potatoes in the Fridge

When it comes to potatoes, sticking them in the refrigerator could increase your risk of cancer.

The Secret Ingredient That Totally Transforms Sweet Potatoes

Here's the tale of a traditional Turkey Day side dish and its deliciously vintage twist. Who knew?!

Here’s the Secret Ingredient for Perfect Pumpkin Pie

You can make a pumpkin pie from scratch that will have everyone asking, "How DID you do that?"

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How to Pick the Best Sweet Corn

Picking the freshest corn at a grocery store or farmer's stand might be even easier than you'd think.

10 Things You Should Do with Mushrooms

Packed with vitamins and minerals, it's plain to see why mushrooms should be a part of your diet. Here's how...

How to Reheat Fries So They’re as Good as Day One

Last night's hot and crispy fries are looking a whole lot less yummy today! Don't panic. Here's how to reheat...

9 Tips for Cooking Great-Tasting Asparagus

The secret to perfect asparagus? It's all in the preparation.

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Learn How to Make Extra Crispy Mashed Potatoes (Yes, You Read That Right!)

Crispy? Herby? Deliciously rich? We're going all in with these smashed potatoes.

Why It’s Better to Used Canned Pumpkin (and Not the Fresh Stuff)

You might think that fresh is always best, but for fall baking, canned pumpkin is king. Find out why our...

14 Pointers for Perfect Potatoes

Baked or fried, boiled or mashed, potatoes are a true comfort food. Here are tips for making your favorite potato...

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