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Our Test Kitchen is full of culinary experts who have picked up plenty of handy tricks and techniques over the years. Check out our favorite cooking tips that’ll make cooking and baking at home easier than ever.

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Our Test Kitchen’s Guide to Food-Safe Cooking Temperatures

Do you find yourself guessing if your chicken is done or that your steak is a perfect medium-rare? Check out (and print!) our guide to food-safe cooking temperatures for meat, fish and more.

The Most Common Types of Grills, Explained

In the market for a new grill? We're cookin' up some recommendations for the most popular types of grills.

10 Major Grilling Safety Mistakes You Might Be Making

Keep these grilling safety tips in mind for a safe (and delicious) backyard barbecue.

10 Tiny Changes You Can Make to Improve Your Grilling

This grilling season might be your best ever!

8 Cuts of Meat You Should Be Grilling, But Aren’t

Who needs ribeye and filet mignon when you have these unsung cuts of meat? Get ready to learn about celebrity...

The One Thing You Should Never Do to Your Hamburgers

Before you put salt IN your hamburger mix, give this a read!

8 Secrets to Making Hot and Crispy Grilled Pizza

Want to learn how to grill pizza? Follow these tips and you'll never order take-out again!

7 Things You Haven’t Thought to Grill…Yet!

Forget cooking in the kitchen! Your grill is calling—and it's got more potential than you might guess.

How to Make a Great Marinade with What’s in Your Fridge

Skip the bottled marinades in favor of these simple sauce ideas. The best part? You already have the ingredients in...

9 Grilling Mistakes You Need To Stop Making

Are you guilty of these common mistakes?

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Here’s How to Make a Smoker With Your Grill

Looking for a shortcut to smokey, authentic barbecue? We'll show you how to make a smoker out of your grill and...

The Fool Proof Cheat Sheet To Properly Grill Meats [INFOGRAPHIC]

Bookmark this cheat sheet for your summer BBQ!