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Our Test Kitchen is full of culinary experts who have picked up plenty of handy tricks and techniques over the years. Check out our favorite cooking tips that’ll make cooking and baking at home easier than ever.

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How Long to Thaw a Turkey

How long does it take for a turkey to thaw? Here's how you can thaw a turkey in the refrigerator, in the sink and even in the microwave.

Your Guide to Freezing Cheesecake

Can you freeze cheesecake? You sure can.

Can You Freeze Muffins? Yes—Here’s How

Can you freeze muffins? How long will they keep? We answer these questions and more in our simple guide.

How to Make Paninis Without a Panini Press

When you're craving a panini, turn to your handy cast-iron skillet.

Can You Freeze Cauliflower?

Get the trick to saving and reusing this cruciferous powerhouse by learning how to freeze cauliflower.

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How to Make the Perfect Chocolate Chip Cookie

Love cakey cookies? Or crispy ones? How about chewy? We show you how to make the perfect chocolate chip cookies...

How to Peel Tomatoes in 3 Easy Ways

Our Test Kitchen expert reveals her tips for how to peel tomatoes every which way.

This Is How to Cut a Slice of Pie the Right Way

This easy method promises picture-perfect slices every time.

This Is What Is in Apple Pie Spice (and How to Make It at Home)

Ever wondered what is in apple pie spice? We're going to teach you the core ingredients so you can make...

Here’s How to Reheat Fried Chicken, 4 Ways

If you want the same flavor and crispiness you had day one, try these easy ways to reheat fried chicken.

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The Complete Cast Iron Cooking Guide

Here's everything you need for iron-clad success, including our favorite cast iron recipes, the best cooking techniques and the top...

How to Clean Leeks the Easy Way

Leeks are a hugely versatile veggie. Learn how to quickly clean and prep this delicious ingredient with tips from our...

The Secret Technique For Getting Big Flavor Out of a Tiny Can of Tomato Paste

Who knew there could be SO much flavor in that tiny little can?

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How to Make a Cake Roll (Without It Breaking)

We love pretty spiraled cake rolls, but they can seem pretty daunting to make. Find out how to make a...

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How to Cut Down Recipes

Always having to ask yourself how many tablespoons are in 1/3 cup? We have the answer, and more! Bookmark this...

These Secret Southern Tricks Make Any Fried Food Better

Want to take your fried food game to the next level? We've got the answers.

7 Mistakes Everybody Makes When Deep Frying

When you're cooking up onion rings or breaded chicken, it helps to have some deep frying secrets!

8 Secrets to Making Hot and Crispy Grilled Pizza

Want to learn how to grill pizza? Follow these tips and you'll never order take-out again!

This Simple Trick Keeps Your Guacamole from Browning

You can make party-ready guacamole days in advance with this genius tip.

How to Make Homemade Pizza Crust

Tired of takeout pizza? Homemade pizza crust is easier than you think!

How to Make Perfectly Fluffy Rice

Our Test Kitchen reveals its secrets to making the perfect fluffy rice. Your stir-frys, curries and bowls will never be...

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How to Build a Salad in a Jar (Without It Turning into a Soggy Mess!)

Desk lunches don't have to be soggy and boring. We'll show you all the tips and tricks for crisp, flavorful...

How to Peel Carrots (and Not Your Fingers)

Once you learn the right technique for peeling carrots, you'll be able to move quickly without slicing your fingers! Watch...

9 Tips for Cooking Great-Tasting Asparagus

The secret to perfect asparagus? It's all in the preparation.

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What Are the Best Types of Fish for Frying?

Get an authentic fish and chips experience at home when you pick the right fish for frying.

How Long Do Spices Really Last?

It's hard to part with our beloved herbs, spices and blends—they help make our meals delicious. But is it true?...

10 Sensational Food and Spice Pairings Every Home Cook Should Know

Every food needs spice, but some combinations work better than others. We've got the guide to the 10 best food...

Cookies Too Crunchy? Soften Them Up with This Simple Tip

Save your next batch of crunchy cookies! We've got an easy tip to soften hard cookies so you can enjoy...

Avoiding Dry or Tough Meats in the Slow Cooker

Learn tips and tricks for avoiding dry meat in a slow cooker.

How to Brown Butter (And Why You Definitely Should)

Consider this the home cook's guide on how to brown butter.